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Information about people, places, and events in the news that are related to our belief in Jesus as God's only begotten Son who paid the penalty demanded by His Father for our sins.  Links to sources that are of various Christian theological persuasions.

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PsalmStudy ™ is published in Jesus' name to the greater glory of God.  The Word of the Lord Endures Forever

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Here PsalmStudy provides provides summaries of and links to information about people, places, and events in the news that reflect to our belief in Jesus' atonement for our sins, to our Christian heritage, and to our Christian beliefs vis-a-vis the World.

There are links to sources that are of various Christian theological persuasions.  All links and reading material on PsalmStudy attempt to represent a fundamental Christian understanding of the Holy Word of God when comparing Scripture with Scripture.   Occasionally, Jewish material may used for Hebrew-sensitive English translations, factual definitions, and historical facts, but not for their non-Christian theological points of view.

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Pope Francis Builds A Bridge to the East, by Kevin Clarke: The upcoming meeting between Moscow Patriarch Kirill and Pope Francis is an historic step to heal the 1,000 year-old schism that divided Christianity between East and West  Read the full article for content.  [America]

New Articles 02/02/2016 --

Why Don't More Churches Ask Women to Lead?, by Amy R. Buckley: The numbers point at important realities and questions - Is Christ's body missing out on a treasure trove of gifts?  Why don't more churches ask women to lead?  What can we do to cultivate the leadership gifts of women?  Read the full article for content.  [Relevant]

Five Purposes for Suffering, by John Piper: We seldom know the micro reasons for our sufferings, but the Bible does give us faith-sustaining macro reasons.  . . . The macro purposes of God in our sufferings include:  . . .   Read the full article for content.  [Solid Joys]

Jews for Jesus Leader Denounces Vatican Statement on Jewish Evangelism, (blog): The Vatican's Commission for Religious Relations with Jews released a comprehensive document on Catholic-Jewish relations on December 10 which calls on the Catholic Church to 'neither conduct nor support any specific institutional mission work directed towards Jews.'  David Brickner, executive director of Jews for Jesus, finds their position '. . . egregious, especially coming from an institution which seeks to represent a significant number of Christians in the world.'  Read the full article for content.  [Jews for Jesus]

God Alone, by John W. Martens: Lent is the time when the church once again looks to the model of Jesus Christ as we turn with renewed vigor from the subtle snares of sin.  As the people of Israel recalled their time of redemption, when God freed them through the Passover, and their subsequent wandering in the desert prior to entering the Promised Land, so we recall Christ aligning himself by baptism in solidarity with sinful humanity, his 40-day period of temptation in the wilderness and his conquering of sin in order to bring us to God's kingdom.   . . . If we are to align ourselves spiritually in solidarity with Jesus, conversion is vital, for conversion is the lifeblood of repentance and the heartbeat of holiness.  This requires our own personal spiritual acts of penance, but also actions with and on behalf of others, in the church and outside of the church, such as prayer for all those in need of conversion from sin.  Jesus' own battle with evil was not just a personal battle but a battle for the salvation of all humankind.  Read the full article for content.  [America]

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